Cloth Factor


At Cloth Factor we design custom, elegant, function-forward clothes from quality fabrics. Our mission is to create apparel perfectly tailored to your individual shape and to make your favorite garments fit better.


At Cloth Factor we have a fascination with vintage apparel from all eras. We can work with you to reproduce vintage pieces, customized to fit you and, if you wish, updated for how we dress today.

Vintage is personal. My fascination with vintage apparel started during a time when I performed in operas set in different eras. I noticed how different clothes changed behavior. It’s no wonder the women at the start of the feminist movement began to wear pants!

I think wearing vintage garments also makes us emotionally connect to them. A customer who bought a Cloth Factor reproduction of an authentic vintage French pattern said, “It looks exactly like what my mother wore when I was a child.” It was a touching moment to see her joy in this connection. Moments like these are what drive me to do vintage reproductions at Cloth Factor.

— Irina Siegel, owner, Cloth Factor


Photography by Colin Battersby, Robin Rice, and Tiffany Roberts.