Cloth Factor

Custom Made Clothing

At Cloth Factor we design custom, elegant, function-forward clothes from quality fabrics. Our mission is to create apparel perfectly tailored to your individual shape and to make your favorite garments fit better.




1. How long does the process of creating a custom garment generally take?

It depends on many parameters such as complexity of the pattern, whether fabric has to be ordered, if there is any rush on the order, etc. In general, however, our process usually takes somewhere between 3-6 weeks. A more accurate estimate can be determined at the time of the consultation.

2. How is the cost determined?

There are also many parameters that go into determining cost such as fabric choice, if there is a rush deadline, complexity of the pattern or details etc. At the consultation we figure out the cost and no work begins without a clear estimate.

3. How many fittings can I expect to have?

1-2 fittings is the norm with 2 as a maximum. We work around your calendar to schedule fittings and we strive to be as flexible as possible.

4. Can I supply my own fabric?

You are welcome to bring your own fabric to your consultation. If it works for the project we are happy to use it.

5. Can you do custom details, such as embroidery?

Yes, we have lots of detail-work we can offer and embroidery is our specialty. We have access to several types of machines that can do the very latest in embroidery techniques.

6. Do you make custom home goods such as curtains and linens, or pillows?

Yes. We can make custom size curtains, alter existing curtains, and we can make linens to order.

7. Can I order custom kids’ clothes?


8. Do you make custom menswear?

Yes, we make custom menswear of all kinds including dress shirts, trousers and accessories.

9. Can I bring in a garment to be recreated?

Yes you can.


Photography by Colin Battersby, Robin Rice, and Tiffany Roberts.